This very important political year, Floridians for NPV will focus its activities within our state and with helping two other states which will be key for NPV.   In Florida, we will work to get a “hearing” of the three NPVIC bills filed in our House and Senate.   In Virginia, we will support efforts to get NPVIC bills passed during their upcoming legislative session this January – March; and in Colorado we will support their NPVIC ballot initiative in advance of the November election.

Kathleen Crampton, Chair
Floridians for National Popular Vote

Support of Florida HB 335 and SB 908

Contact House and Senate Leadership in the following Committees: 

With HB 335 having been filed by Representative Joseph Geller, SB 908 filed by Senator Victor Torres and HR 323 by Representative Bob Rommel,  we need to get these NPVIC bills “heard” in their respective committees.

House HB 335 and House HR 323 have been referred to: 

  • Oversight, Transparency, and Public Management Subcommittee
  • State Affairs Committee
  • Civil Justice Subcommittee

Senate SB 908 has been referred to:

  • Ethics and Elections Committee
  • Judiciary Committee
  • Rules Committee

In opposition to NPVIC, Representative Bob Rommel from Collier County has filed Resolution 323.  The Resolution suggests that if NPVIC bills were passed, states would not determine how their electoral votes would be cast. This is not the case; in accordance with the Constitution, states which pass NPVIC retain the right to direct their Electors how to vote.

Given that there appears to be some support from Republican Leadership, HR 323 may be debated in Committees which would give Rep Geller/Sen Torres the opportunity to present the facts about NPVIC and why Florida should pass it. Hence, we are asking our NPV local leaders and their committees to meet with their legislators during the session to give them CORRECT information about NPVIC bills.

Postcards to Legislators

Under the leadership of Cynthia Archbold, the Palm Beach NPV Group, and NPV leaders across the state have been writing NPV postcards to legislators on the Key Committees.  Their message is to encourage legislators to “hear” HB 335 and SB 908 in their Committees this 2020 legislative session.  There are 3 Key House committees (see above) with approximately 15 members each; and 3 Key Senate Committees (see above) with approximately 10 members each.  With the state-wide NPV postcard writing effort,  key legislators receive as many as twenty postcards.

Teams work to send personalized notes to legislators encouraging them to “hear” HB 335 and SB 908 in their committees this 2020 Legislative Session.

Anne Kruse shows one of the postcards she sent to lawmakers

NPV Postcards ready to be mailed out to the legislators.

If you or your group are interested in participating in this activity, please contact Cynthia Archbold at 


Last November, Virginia’s House and Senate flipped from Republican to Democratic.   Although the majorities are slim, there appears to be interest in passing NPVIC in both chambers.   Hence with assurance of signing from the Governor, NPVIC bills have been filed for consideration this upcoming Legislative session.

Grassroots support has grown as well as lobbying by NPV organizations to get the bills heard in committees and passed in the Legislature. When passed, Virginia would add 13 Electoral Votes for a total of 209 EV, only 61 EVs away from activating NPVIC and electing our president by popular vote. 

To help educate voters in Virginia about NPV, phone banks are being established nationwide which will enable supporters from other states to participate. Look for details from us on how you can spend as few as 30 minutes calling folks in Virginia interested in learning more about NPV.  Additionally, you can contribute to Virginia’s fundraising efforts by going to National Popular Vote Website and clicking on Virginia. 

New Floridians for National Popular Vote Website

Our new website, Floridians for National Popular Vote has been launched. ( As you cruise through the site, please note the following when you click on “Get Involved” and look under:

Deb Mazzaferro, with assistance from Kim Lansing, helped produce the new website; we are grateful to them for their hard work and commitment to NPV.

Speakers for National Popular Vote

Does your organization need someone to speak at their monthly meeting this year? With the elections this fall, many organizations and their members are eager to understand the burgeoning political issues like National Popular Vote.

Floridians for NPV is happy to provide trained speakers for your or any organization who can give short and illuminating presentations on NPV. Our new Web Site has a Speakers Request Form. If you are interested in having someone speak at your or any organization, please fill out the form. Ingrid Johnson, our Speakers Coordinator, will contact you and make the appropriate arrangements.

League of Woman Voters US NPV Task Force Statement

After meeting for half a year, the LWVUS NPV Task Force was authorized by the LWVUS Board to issue the following statement. Sharon Reynolds Mixon and Kathleen Crampton, both from Florida, are members of the Task Force.

“The LWV National Popular Vote (NPV) Task Force has been authorized to act by the LWVUS board. The purpose of the Task Force is to investigate League momentum around the topic of NPV and to gain a deeper understanding of the work being done by state and local Leagues around the country related to the NPV plan.

The following educational tools are being developed by the NPV Task Force and will be shared with our members as they are completed and released:

  • An NPV-related PowerPoint Presentation
  • A dedicated NPV webpage on the LWV website
  • An NPV Informational Webinar
  • The opportunity for members to attend a comprehensive NPV Workshop at the LWV 2020 Convention

A full report about the progress of Task Force efforts will be presented to Leagues by late summer of 2020. Until then, Leagues should continue to defer to their state leadership for guidance and support on any work related to National Popular Vote.” 

We are pleased that the LWVUS will be providing support services to those states which are interested in passing NPVIC.

Planning for 2020 – 2021

Your leadership team met for an all-day planning meeting on Wednesday, December 18th at the South Florida Science Center in West Palm Beach.

Attending in person, from left to right:  Kim Lansing (Mailchimp, mailing lists), Marcia Herman (Speakers Bureau Coordinator when she returns from Wyoming), Leslie Feinberg (Partnerships, Organizational Supporters, Orange County Local Leader), Ingrid Johnson (Local Leaders’ Coordinator and Interim Speakers Bureau), Cynthia Archbold (Postcard Program, Public Relations, and Palm Beach NPV Local Leader), Kathleen Crampton (Chair)

Attending by Zoom: Deb Mazzaferro (Operations), Liza McClenaghan (Florida Common Cause), Eileen Reavey (National Popular Vote), Michael Tarnoff (Making Every Vote Matter)

We focused on reviewing our accomplishments for 2019, strategic planning to get NPVIC passed in Florida by the 2024 Election, and tactical plans for 2020.

We will discuss more on our next Local Leader Conference Call on Thursday, January 9th at 5:30-6:30.

Volunteer Opportunities

Public Relations Coordinator: Great opportunity for someone who likes to write and coordinate the communications activities of Floridians for NPV.  Contact Kathleen Crampton at


We humbly accept your donations to help us do the good work of passing NPV in Florida. Thank you.