This message (below) was published By COMMON CAUSE, a member of the NPV Network —  a group national organizations that support the National Popular Vote Compact.


Support National Popular Vote

Anything could happen in next year’s presidential election. And, there’s not a whole lot we can predict this far out… BUT there are a few things I can guarantee:

  • Candidates will spend almost all of their time campaigning in just a handful of swing states…
  • They’ll ignore people everywhere else — and won’t have much reason to try to win their votes…
  • And, we’ll once again risk the candidate who loses the popular vote nevertheless winning the presidency.

Why? The broken Electoral College.

That’s why we’re working to build consensus right now in multiple key states to support National Popular Vote. You may already be familiar with this new way to elect our nation’s president. But just in case you’re not…

The National Popular Vote Compact is an agreement among states to guarantee the presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. When could this take place? Just as soon as states totaling 270 electors — a majority — join in. You see, the Constitution lets states decide how to award their Electoral College votes — so once we’ve hit that threshold, every state in the Compact will agree to award theirs to whoever wins the popular vote nationwide, giving that candidate the 270 votes required to win the presidency.

AND… we are now closer than you might think! Because 15 states and the District of Columbia have already signed on. That gives us 196 electors! What about the remaining states? Therein lies the struggle. We must expend all our energy and resources to bring more of them on board. And it must happen — because we must reform the anti-democratic way we currently elect the president. That’s why Common Cause has prioritized winning the National Popular Vote Compact in as many states as possible this year — and we’ve already helped bring Colorado, New Mexico, Delaware, and Oregon on board. We have real momentum, which is why in the coming months Common Cause must ramp up our efforts even more.

We CAN fix the broken Electoral College — but it’ll take day-in, day-out grassroots organizing to make it a reality.

As more and more Americans focus on next year’s presidential election, we have a MAJOR opportunity to expand National Popular Vote to more states — inching closer and closer to the 270-vote mark we need for victory. The antiquated “winner-take-all” Electoral College system must be changed so that voters in all 50 states have a say in choosing our president. We can’t allow the presidential candidate who fails to receive the most votes to occupy the Oval Office — which has happened in two out of the last five presidential elections!  It’s time to STOP the Electoral College from silencing the majority of voters — and ensure that every American has a meaningful voice in our presidential elections, no matter where they live.


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